After several years of travelling around the world, driven by restlessness and various odd jobs, the two friends, Danish Marie and Irish Sophie, go ashore in a north Scottish port city after working on a drilling rig. When the two friends lose all their hard-earned money after a wild night out, they are tempted to say yes to an offer of 70,000 tax-free pounds for nine months of work. Sophie convinces Marie to accept the job as a surrogate mother, but things do not go as planned. Marie suddenly happens to be heavily pregnant and alone, on the run from the child’s future parents, and in search of happiness.

”SKAGERRAK is a slow burner that worms itself into the affections. The film possesses a potent streak of black comedy and some very appealing performances including Iben Hjejle who gives the film its heart and soul and holds the story together. Gary Lewis brings a splenetic comic edge while Ewen Bremner is a delight and rising star Martin Henderson (The Ring) makes an attractive love interest.” Screen (Allan Hunter)

Director Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

Writers Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, Anders Thomas Jensen

Producers Lars Bredo Rahbek, Bo Erhardt

Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

Released 2003

Moscow International Film Festival FIPRESCI & Audience Award